Emulator of Wind Turbine by using DC Motor


  • Balamurugan P Loyola Institute of Technology
  • D.Shyam Rajalakshmi Engineering College


wind turbine, emulator, DC Motor, wind speed, Proportional Integral Derivative controller


The development of wind energy conversion systems requires tools like a wind turbine emulator (WTE). Since the wind speed varies erratically in a real wind turbine, it offers a controlled testing setting that enables the evaluation and improvement of control systems for electric generators. In this project, a wind emulator is modeled and simulated using MATLAB. One may replicate a wind turbine and estimate the rotor's theoretical rotational velocity by using the DC motor. A controller is used to match the features of the DC motor with the characteristic curves of the wind turbine. The wind speed and a certain reference rotor speed established by the wind turbine's rotor characteristics generate mechanical wind power. An independently stimulated direct current motor running with a chopper circuit and a proportional integral controller are used in the design of the wind turbine emulator to regulate errors. In order To check the system, if the induction generator can deliver the required rated voltage for a certain load, it is then instantly connected to the wind turbine emulator.


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