Dynamic Performance of Dc-Dc Converter Using Closed Loop PID Controller Tuned by Genetic Algorithm


  • A. T. Sankara subramanian K. Ramakrishnan College of Technology
  • G. Shasikala Er.Perumal Mnimekalai College of Engineering
  • R. Anand Amrita School of Engineering
  • B. Karthikeyan K.Ramakrishnan College of Technology
  • P. R. Sivaraman Rajalakshmi Engineering College


AC-DC converter, DC-DC Converter, PID Controller, Genetic Algorithm


The objective of this paper is to diminish the unwanted distortions present in the open-loop DC-DC converter by utilizing a traditional controller tuned by Genetic calculation. But by utilizing the normal technique it is feasible to inexact the framework by a straight framework and afterward, direct control strategies can be utilized. The contribution to such converter topology is frequently an unregulated redressed line potential that varies because of fluctuations of the line potential extent. The point of the Response strategy is to change over the unfettered DC contribution to a measured DC yield at a specified perfect level and to keep the DC yield at such range if there are any varieties of the heap. Numerical demonstrating for conventional power-electronics converters is a chronicled issue going with DC-DC change innovation. To beat that issue and improve the Dynamic performance of the DC-DC converters yield by utilizing shut-loop PID regulator. The Simulation outcomes show an enhanced potential control response for a very minimal period


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