Author Guidelines

Initially, it should be noted that International Transaction on Power and Energy Systems does not charge any article processing charges (APCs). Below, the important items on how to prepare the manuscripts for the journal are stated.

To prepare your manuscript please use the following submission files.

Submission Files

Title Page 

Title Page must be include all the information of the authors (Name, Surname, Institution, City, Country, email address, ORCID ID). You will be guided step-wise through the creation and uploading of the various files. (Only .doc or .docx files will be accepted, please DO NOT upload the manuscript as PDF file.

Manuscript Template 

You will be guided step-wise through the creation and uploading of the various files. (Only .doc or .docx files will be accepted, please DO NOT upload the manuscript as PDF file.

In order to sustain a solid draft for the submitted manuscripts, the journal web-site includes a novel template file, where the authors can use freely to write their text. Inside that journal template, the spaces, fonts, address details and e-mail info should be explicitly indicated. Every manuscript page, including the title page, references, tables, etc., should be numbered correctly. Manuscripts must be written in “English”. Non-native contributors are strongly advised to ensure that a colleague fluent in the English language or a professional language editor has reviewed their manuscript. Concise and formal English without jargon is required. Repetitive use of long sentences and passive voice should be avoided. British and American spellings are acceptable however must be consistent with the meaning. To speed up the processing, authors must use the manuscript template file.

In principle, the journal follows the conventions of Scientific Style and Format, The Council of Science Editors (CSE) Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers, CSE, Reston, VA, USA. If symbols such as ×, µ, η, or ν are used, they should be added using the Symbols menu of Word. Degree symbols (°) must be used from the Symbol menu, not super-scripted letter o or number 0. Vector multiplication symbols must be used (×), not the letter x. Spaces must be inserted between numbers and units (e.g., 3 kg) and between numbers and mathematical symbols (+, –, ×, =, <, >), but not between numbers and percent symbols (e.g., 45%). Please use SI units. All abbreviations and acronyms should be defined at first mention. Latin terms such as et al., in vitro, or in situ should not be italicized.

Manuscript content can be organized as follows: Research articles should be divided into the sections listed below or as appropriate. Principal sections should be numbered consecutively (1. Introduction, 2. Materials and methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, etc.) and subsections should be numbered 1.1., 1.2., etc. Do not number the Acknowledgements or References sections.

Copyright Release Form 

Must be downloaded and signed by the corresponding author.

Similarity Report 

Please upload the similarity report of the manuscript. Similarity report is a plagiarism test report. The authors need to provide full-text originality report in a PDF file. The similarity report must be prepared by following the rules;
The acceptable similarity report percentage for International Transaction on Power and Energy Systems is <=20% and maximum percentage from same source is <=3% After examining the similarity report, the editorial team will decide whether the manuscript will be directed to review or not.

Cover Letter 

Please explain in your own words the significance and novelty of the work, the problem that is being addressed, and why the manuscript belongs in this journal. Do not simply insert your abstract into your cover letter! Briefly describe the research you are reporting in your paper, why it is important, and why you think the readership of the journal would be interested in it.